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Post by Aqua on 26/01/17, 12:37 pm

Name: Tundra
Age: 24 moons/months or 2 years
Gender: Female
Position: wheel
Musher: figuring out
Breed: Husky

Appearance: A red-brown fluffy Husky. It has piercing black eyes and a pinkish nose. She is quite small.

Personality: Tundra is a daredevil. She is also loyal, and rude(ish)

Skills: (out of 10)
Strength -8
Agility - 8
Speed - 6
Stamina - 7
Jumping - 3
Leadership - 4
Memory skills - 3

Mother - Blizzard
Father - Frostbite
Littermates/siblings - Iceberg

History: Ask her

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Re: Tundra(Finished!)

Post by Striker on 26/01/17, 12:52 pm

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