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Striker, Lead dog

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Striker, Lead dog

Post by Striker on 22/01/17, 02:27 pm

Name: Striker
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Position: Lead
Musher: None
Breed: Husky

Appearance: A handsome blue grey husky with blue eyes and long fluffy fur. His ears are large and his nose is black.

Personality: Striker is a obedient and loyal dog. He is strong and steady but not agile. He loves to get petted and loves to play with others.

Skills: (out of 10)
Strength - 9
Agility - 1
Speed - 7
Stamina - 6
Jumping - 2
Leadership - 10
Memory skills - 9

Mother - Unknown
Father - Unknown
Littermates/siblings - Unknown

History: He was sold to his musher for 1000 dollars.
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Re: Striker, Lead dog

Post by Ivydev on 22/01/17, 03:36 pm


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